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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Planning to pillage? You'll need one of these!

The vikings from the Capitol One commercials may be running out of work, but that doesn't mean you can't pillage the next city over. (We suggest Redmond.)

Today only, we're giving away one very special viking hat. Ideal for the modern pillager, it is constructed from lightweight silver and gold plastic. Complete with faux gold horns and faux gold rope detailing, it makes the statement, "I have come for your grog and your goats."

As it was never worn into battle, the hat is in mint condition, free of blood and dents.

It is "one size fits most," and has ritual phrases impressed on the inside of the hat. They read, "CAUTION This is a toy not to be used as a safety helmet. Made in China. WARNING! This is a toy. Does not provide protection." Lo, be ye warned.

Available for pick up until 6 PM today. No holds.

May your pillage be plentiful and your beer in Ballard be tasty.


I and Na Clanna MacPolk of the Western Highlands have had experience with such pillagers in the Isle of Skye. Beware of the ones with the big hammers@

Tearlach Fearghas MacPolk
Chief of Na Clanna MacPolk of the Western Highlands
Haggis Master of the 5th Level
Scotch Master of the 21st Level
Nice helmet!
I could use one of those...
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The cool, of which it is an pleasant helmet. You it is preput to conquer territories of Europe with her? Perhaps you will find some beautiful women?
from the bowels of hell to the peaks of mars,not to mention the swamps in bayou country-I have searched in vain[till today]for such a worthy scull cap-never dreamest that it would appear with my secret heart for horns.

very worthy artwork to
Is this from a post on Craigslist? It's definitely a keeper.
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I think that helmet may belong to my ancestors. Please send it to my ancestral home somewhere to the north of Edinburgh along the west coast of Scotland. If you choose not to do so, an ancient Viking curse may befall you. I cannot be held responsible.
very cool... every pillager needs one...
I would like one please. Hilarious blog!
Wow those Vikings were trading with the Chinese way back then. It must be a Swedish cap. I think I saw a red hair stuck in it.
happy valentines! send this to 15 people in the next 20 minutes and your true love will kiss you on Febuary 14th! don't break the chainor you'll have a bad life with no love forever! send it
nice post!
07967996590 Dont forget to put 141 before this number if you live in Britain. ha ha
How does one apply to get the hat? I had mine taken away by my Viking elders when I refused to partake in the comprimising of women's virtues. I'd like to use the hat to relive the better times I had with my Viking brethren before I go to Vallhala.

Thank you,

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