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Sunday, February 26, 2006



Don't you just love creative marketing?
bwaahahahahaah! that's a good one...
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
surely the pot noodle ad is the best sofa ad ever made????
this is cool....
Hey thanks for bringing to my notice that interesting blog.Btw have you created that blog??
And yes i dont think you can stop me from spamming.Because what you call spamming is what i call a way of making more friends on the web.If you wanna stay closed within your set of friends then you better do that.But dont restrict others.The whole idea behind blogging is "sharing".But i dont think you understand that.
You freaked out by just one single comment of mine.I think you dont know what real spam is.I've seen it on my blog and on my site too.It is all script generated.Hundreds of them daily fill up my guestbook. I hope now you understand the difference between spam and my comment.If you still dont then you just dont fit into the world of bloggers.
nice commercial. thanks for checking out my blog too.
yea that is pretty funny.
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good side!!!

Great wishes from First Blogger
Hey my couch tried to do the same thing to me...
Hmm... time for some real actions instead of getting stuck whole day at the couch huh?
royal, so glad you had this!!
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