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Monday, February 13, 2006


Rejected Godaddy Commercial

Pop the bra strap - Rejected Godaddy Commercial, Kissing booth.
Things get steamy in "Kissing Booth" when the Go Daddy girl and a dignified gentleman spend a little too much time face-to-face.

Isn't that the same commercial I saw Super bowl sunday?
That godaddy commercial was nice. She was hot. I dont know why they wouldnt air it. *dumb look*

Derek's Blog
Intriging =D
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Ha! That's funny... good stuff.
really nice site..
i love commercials specially the funny ones...
Totally one of my fav commercials...i'd watch more TV if they had commercials like that one...
It has boobies. I like boobies.
What u talkin bout? this is NOT a "rejected godaddy commercial" - it's the real godaddy commercial (in fact, i think it's the ONLY godaddy commercial). i remember seeing it during the superbowl - they just only advertise at big events like that.
Yaahh Boobies !!!!
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