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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Sprint/Nextell - Ooh baby baby.

They say this commercial is like a year old, but I only started seing it recently. Regardless, its one of the funniest ones ever. Sprint and nextel advertising a typical company tracking their trucks via GPS and communicating with an employee, Mackler who states that he is in the AIRPORT via that push to talk technology. Funny stuff, watch the video if you never seen it, or watch it anyways because its funny.

The music in the background if you were wondering is PUSH IT - By Salt-n-pepa.

It rocks.
That commercial is about a year old. I think it came out during last year's Superbowl. I still laugh out loud everytime I see it. Those three guys were perfect casting. I think I might dance like the guy on the right.

this commercial really is funny!
I loved that commercial. I is hillarious! I laugh everytime!
That commercial craks me up But how about those PSP commercials. By the eay check out my sit at
I love the commercial.
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What a day-brightener. Wish we had commercials worth watching like that in Oz.
its really funny!! Awwwweeesome!
That is one great commercial.
Ehh its better than the other stupid commercials. >_<
I'm with you - everyone agrees that it's old, but I've only recently started seeing it.

It cracks me up everytime - the actors just do a really good job with it...

Plus (embarassing revelation to follow) I have long loved Push It...
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That really is one of the funniest commercials I've ever seen.
I love that commercial! I can't stop lauging enough!
Funny commercial, especially when my two year old starts dancing to it.
this is my favorite commercial EVAR!
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