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Monday, February 20, 2006


Trunk Monkey

Funny Commercial - Monkey beats agressive guy with a golf club.
Two people crash. The agressive driver attacks the calm driver. The calm one doesn't know what to do. But of course!! Call on the trunk monkey. This was a commercial that was taken off the air because of its "content".

Cool commercial. Poor monkey. Konked butthead. Smart shopper.
Probably the best blog I've seen ever. But then again you could change a couple of things here and there. I rate... 4 out of 5.
Trunk monkey, I want one of those, I looked through the Seers catalogue but I couldn't find any reference. Do I need a licence for one?
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I saw that commercial and thought it was completely top notch. Forget the content - it's prime tv viewing.. :)
I hate how they call it a monkey, when it is a chimp. There is a huge difference between chimps and monkies.

Why was it banned? The monkey was right on!

That monkey looks just like my doorman Tyrone!
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