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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Coca Cola: Bill Gates Out of Change

Worst Use of Bill Gates in a TV Commercial
In August, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates starred in a Coke commercial in which he wandered the halls of Microsoft late at night looking for someone to loan him change for the Coke machine. It was a cute idea with one fatal flaw: Microsoft has a 20-year tradition of providing its employees with all the soda, coffee, and caffeinated beverages they can drink—free of charge.

Nice job of the blog. A couple of these cracked me up. Linked you to my blog so I can remember to come back for more.
Demente!. But you must know that most people doesn´t know the detail
I would lend Bill Gates my change. Either that or hold him ransom for a few million. Good work with the selection of vids, though I have a stupid Indian connection that gives me trouble. Crap! I sneezed on a dog.
Free soda? I'm in! Where do I report for duty? LOL
This is a cool site. Very fun too. Love it!!!! Love commercials like the Korean noodle and Bill Gates.

Greetings from Argentina!
interesting blog.
Hi yes poor effort for Bill. I thought as you are into videos then this site is cool too but you cannot embed. Also another which does embed is I have also enbeded on my blog at
I never seen this and also I like your blog layout and stuff. keep up the good work
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